Intercore Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "the Company") handles acquired personal information as prescribed below.

  1. When conducting any business stipulated by the Company, we have prepared a manual for the handling of personal data and ensure that it is properly managed.
  2. When acquiring personal data from customers, the Company will specify the purpose of use as much as possible and will clearly indicate in advance our contact information for customers, etc., before acquiring personal data to the extent necessary.
  3. The Company will appropriately manage personal information obtained from customers, and strive to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, and to correct it. We will use the personal information obtained from customers within the scope of the purpose of use and will not provide or disclose such information to any third party other than companies to which we have obtained the consent of the customer.
  4. The Company contractually obligates companies to which we provide personal information based on the customer's consent in section (3) above not to disclose or provide the customer's personal data to third parties, and to manage the information appropriately.
  5. The Company may send you information on our services or the products and services of our business partners that we believe may be of interest to you by e-mail, postal mail, telephone, or other means. Customers may request to cease or resume such handling of their personal information by following the procedures stipulated by the Company.
  6. If you wish to inquire or modify your personal information, or if you have any complaints or inquiries, please contact our contact person in charge of customer service, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. The Company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information held by us, and will systematically, regularly, and continuously review and improve our measures in each of the above items.
  7. Jin Yanagida, Representative Director, INTERCORE CO., LTD.